From within our modern context of mass-produced ceramics,  we strive to make thoughtful and beautiful pots which can cast light on our relationship with daily articles of domestic life. We hope to help attune people's awareness to the subtle ways in which a pot can enrich our everyday experiences, bringing thoughtfulness and human connection into our lives as a whole. 

About Harry & Meredith:

Having received their basic training in ceramics while at Skidmore College,Meredith and Harry are a largely self-taught pottery duo who have strived over thepast 4 years to establish a working pottery in the Catskill Mountains of New York.Their interest in the history and geology of the region has lead them to explore thepotential of local clay, stone, and wood ash as the basic materials from which their pots can be made.In February 2017 Meredith and Harry established 28A Clay, a pottery studio based in West Shokan, NY. Having purchased their home there in the summer of2018, they are now expanding the studio and building a new, wood burning kiln.

stages of making

Wild Clay

We dig our clay at a nearby property in West Hurley, NY. After getting the raw material, we slake it down and push it through a screen in order to remove any large debris. Once we have a nice thick slurry, we add small amounts of other refractory clays to make sure it can withstand high firing temperatures. 


Each piece starts as a ball of clay and is thrown on the potter's wheel at our home studio in West Shokan, NY. We usually work in a series of six to twelve at a time for each idea or form.

Glazing & Firing

We use ash glazes exclusively, which means that all of our glazes contain wood ashes that are collected from our wood stove during the long winter months in the mountains. We also experiment with local clay slips and stone dusts. None of the materials we use in the process are toxic, and our glaze recipes are kept simple, using only 3 or 4 ingredients. We fire the pots in a small salt kiln at our home, and participate in woodfirings throughout the Hudson Valley

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