Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Our ash glazed, salt-fired, cocktail cups are now featured at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY.



A&P Bar

We created a custom set of soup and pasta bowls for this unique farm to table restaurant in Woodstock, NY. Each bowl was fired in a wood-kiln/ salt-kiln in Upstate, NY, creating a natural atmospheric surface that can not be recreated. 



The Smile

You'll find our wood fired pots lined up on the mantel at the Smile in Manhattan. These vases and bottles were all fired for three days in a wood-kiln in Upstate, NY, creating naturally glazed surfaces.



We work with each restaurant to create made-to-order sets and pride ourselves on cooperating with the needs and vision of each individual client. Contact us by email at to get started on your order.